Last Years Fad

Sun Sep 21

Has anyone ever gone to a show after seeing a poster on a telephone pole?


I just spent two hours postering Capitol Hill for a show in Belltown and it felt futile but everyone else does it soooooooo~

I definitely add shit to my calendar because of poles!

Sun Sep 14
DANGER ZONE @rockbox

DANGER ZONE @rockbox

Fri Sep 5

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Thu Sep 4
Ah yes, my prize possession:  #laserdisc

Ah yes, my prize possession: #laserdisc

Wed Sep 3





I want a Star Trek series that’s about the worst ship in the fleet, the type of people Starfleet can’t quite fire but can try their damndest to make go as far away as possible. Drunk captain. Low achieving lieutenants. First mate who’s just a little felonious. I want to see what kind of missions they’re given. 



Aww man, that trek would be so awesome!

Transporter accident Riker would so be the starring character.

Sat Aug 30
Fri Aug 22

Fuuuuuccckkkk crraaammmppps

Fuck them. Fuck them a lot. Fuck them til the end of time.

Wed Aug 20
Tue Aug 19